Monday, May 26, 2014

Children in the Garden: Every Friday Night! Ninos en el Jardin: Cada Viernes!

Last Friday our Children's Activities participants came up to the rooftop to help us plant over 40 seedlings in our rooftop garden!  Join us every Friday night (weather permitting) 4:30-7:30pm through October. 

El viernes pasado los participantes de Cuidado de Ninos visita el techo para ayudarnos con plantar mas de 30 plantas en el jarden del techo!  Unirse con nosotros cada Viernes (con clima buena) 4:30-7:30pm hasta Octubre.

Planting basil, celery, and tomatoes.

Tomatoes go in next to the peas.

Watering the seedlings.

As the sun set, watermelon transplants go in while other continue to water.

We emptied one rain barrel, but there are three more to go! 

Making sure our new rooftop tenants have sufficient water for the warm weekend ahead.

Once the work is done, it's time for snack!  Tonight's healthy snack was cucumber with chile.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Field Trip #1: Kompost Kids

Spring is finally showing her (slightly) warmer face so we decided to visit the Kompost Kids Community Compost - every Saturday at noon! 

Melissa explains how compost works and what we'll be doing today.

First step: check the temperature. One of the piles was over 100 degrees! 

Layers of food scraps (green source), and wood chip/hay (brown source).

PVC pipes with holes drilled in them help to aerate the compost, breaking it down faster.

Lifting from bin 2 to bin 3 where the compost will enter the final stage of break down. 

Sandra is having a great time playing in the dirt! 

This compost is being put in the wheelbarrow to join the resting pile.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cocinando con Ninos Dias 2 & 3 - Cooking with Kids Days 2 & 3

Here are more pictures from the last two cooking classes in February.
Aqui hay mas fotos de los dos ultimos cursos de cocina en Febrero.

For the last two cooking classes, we set up stations so families could have more opportunities to make a recipe.  Para los ultimos clases, tuvimos estaciones para que las familias pueden tener mas oportunidades he hacer una receta.

Harvesting cilantro straight from the tower garden! La cosecha de cilantro directamente desde el jardin torre (tower garden)!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Foto Friday: All Grow-Up!

Two months into the winter and our Tower Garden is doing great!

Dec. 13 2013 
Feb. 7 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cocinando con Ninos Dia 1 - Cooking with Kids Day 1

This month, CORE/El Centro hosted its first Cooking with Kids series, every Tuesday in February.  The 10 registered families - including 10 adults and 16 children - enjoyed pre-made snacks and had hands-on opportunities to cut, measure, mix, and saute.

Este mes, CORE/El Centro organizo su primera serie de Concinando Con Ninos, todos los martes de Febraro. Las 10 families registradas - incluyendo 10 adultos, y 16 ninos - disfrutado meriendas pre-hechos y tubo oportunidades pracitcas para cortar, medir, mezclar y saltear.

Day 1 of Cooking with Kids- great turnout! El primer dia de Cocinando con Ninos - gran participacion! 

Cesar practices his onion cutting techniques. Cesar practica sus tecnicas de corte de cebolla.

Julie helps the girls measure cheese for their healthy microwave popcorn. Julie ayuda a las chicas miden queso para su palomitas saludable.

Alex instructs Ana on safe and efficient cutting techniques. Alex instruye Ana en tecnicas de corte seguras y eficientes.

Julie demonstrates sauteing the veggies for the frittata.  Julie demonstrara como saltear los vegetales para el frittata.

Zoe and Elliot add berries to the fruit and ricotta crostini.  Zoe y Elliot a~nadir fruta al pan tostada con queso ricotta.

Veggie Frittata ready for the oven: eggs, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. El frittata con vegetales esta lista para el horno: con huevos, pimiento, hongos, cebolla y queso.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Vegetable Stock: A winter staple

We learned about making homemade vegetable stock in a previous Healthy Cooking Class, but I was inspired to share these pictures again.  I have a freezer bag that I just keep stocking with discarded vegetable parts; once the bag is pretty full (and/or there is a weather-related day off!) I pull it out and make some delicious homemade vegetable stock.  This is a great base for winter soup, or to use for cooking grains, beans, or lentils.  Enjoy! 

This is an 8 qt pan, about 2/3 full - enough water just to cover the frozen veggies.

"Two large pinches" of whatever herbs - I put rosemary, bay leaf and celery seed in this time, plus a fresh carrot and bit of onion that I had left. 

I typically wait about 30-40 minutes of boiling before tasting to salt.  Crushed red pepper/chile would be a good thing to add with herbs, too.

I got carried away in the process and forgot to take a picture of the straining!  But the after-shot (below) gives you an idea of the method: cheesecloth folded in half, over pasta strainer.  I strained it right into the pot I was going to use to make rice, but then transferred it to measuring bowl to see how much I had.

I had already strained/emptied the veggies for this picture - but at least you can see the materials I used!  (P.S. the leftover hot veggies are great for a compost pile!)

The deep auburn of this stock illustrates the flavor! 

5.25 cups of stock from otherwise discarded vegetable 'scraps.' Pretty good deal!